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Personal GPS Tracker

The world's smallest GPS tracker:

Works on all available GSM/GPRS mobile networks
Powered by a rechargeable Lithium iron battery
Virtual geo fence
Complete with desk top mains charger
Magnetic mount included
Supplied with spare battery
Activate Sleep Mode to only transmit position when movement is detected
Optional 12v adaptor can be supplied on request
Comes with a free PAYG SIM card
Dimensions: Width 45mm x Length 65mm x Height 15mm

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Product Description


Advanced ultra compact GPS tracker with precise tracking of an object anywhere in the world.

There is no contract or monthly fees to pay.

The unit is around the size of a box of matches. The compact size of the unit makes it ideal for tracking children, old people, pets, model aircraft or just about anything that moves. Would you like to know where your loved ones or your property are at all times?

Do you want to keep an eye on your employees and check on the location of company vehicles? It is not a problem with a GPS tracker.

You can even set up a virtual geo fence so the unit will send you an alert if it moves out of a pre set area. The unit uses a standard mobile phone SIM card (UK sim card included) Simply call up the unit from your mobile phone and it will report back to you the exact co-ordinates of where it is located. You can even see the exact location on google maps.

Works on all available GSM/GPRS mobile networks. The Unit is powered by a rechargeable Lithium iron battery and comes complete with desk top mains charger, magnetic mount, full instructions and spare battery. Normal battery life is around 2 days. To extend the battery life the unit can be set in sleep mode so it will only transmit its position when it detects movement. For permanent installations we can supply an optional 12v adaptor so the unit can be wired into the vehicle supply. The GPS tracker comes with a free PAYG SIM card so you have no ongoing subscription charges.

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We have a live unit set up in our office call this number from your mobile phone 07955 536822

The unit will ring a couple of time then hang up, withing a few seconds it will send you a text message giving you the exact location.

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Additional Information

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