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JLM Underbody Spray Black 500ml

Offers superior protection on the car-bodies against rust, salt, water, ice and snow

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Product Description


JLM Underbody Black spray is a bitumen-based undercoating that not only is designed for use on proteting vehicles but its on our GAS IT's list of highly recommended products for covering any of our underneath mounted GAS IT tanks and frames to help protect from stonechip and salt / water corrosion also.

We've done extensive in house testing of this product on our GAS IT vapour tanks and when tested in our 500 hour salt test enviroments it exceeded all the other spray on products on the same test.

This product offers superior protection on the car-bodies against rust, salt, water, ice and snow. Made from bitumen and corrosion-inhibitors provides an elastic film protective barrier after application, this product can be used drip-free at temperatures between 5°C and 35°C.

Shake the can well before use. Apply to a clean, dry, rust free surface. Spray the product in several layers at the surface. After use turn the can upside down and spray till only gas is coming out. Important: Do not spray on the exhaust or brake systems, motor or movable parts. Remove excess with a mineral spirits.

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