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Hyundai HY1000SI LPG Digital Inverter Suitcase Leisure Generator

Pure sine wave output

Eco Throttle system

Low oil shutdown

Overload shutdown
950 Continuous Watts 

12v output for battery charging

Low Noise


Stylish appearance

Ideal for a reliable power supply wherever you are!

24 Months Warranty

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We Deliver Worldwide

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Product Description


Hyundai HY1000Si LPG Digital Inverter Suitcase Generator

Introducing a Sail and Trail special, have your generator arrive already converted to use LPG, no need to mess around fitting it. Just connect up to gas out of the box.

Running on LPG provides you with several benefits such as:

Cost savings, propane is about 50% cheaper than petrol.
Larger fuel tanks, running time can be extended according to cylinder size making it easy to refuel, just connect a new cylinder.
Cleaner running, extending the life of your generator, leading to lower maintenance costs.
No longer have to carry petrol, this eliminates a lot of the smells and storage problems produced with petrol and the fire risk is considerably reduced.
No risk of fuel issues due to stale fuel or fuel residue deposits from petrol, even if the equipment has not been used for long periods of time.
No reduction in performance - power outputs do not change.
Warranty is not affected - Length remains the same. 

The "On Generator" kits allow you to connect easily in to a BBQ point and keep the unit all together for storage as the garretson is attached to the side of the generator. The "On Generator" kits add 130mm to the width of each machine but the door can be removed easily for storage purposes.

Each machine is converted by us and then fully load tested prior to dispatch. Please allow an extra 48 hours for this.

Our kits are also designed as dual fuel kits. They fit onto petrol engines and allow you to run the generator on LPG, while still enabling you to switch back to petrol if you wish. You just have to make sure that no petrol is in the generator when using LPG.

Conversions of small petrol engine appliances and equipment to LPG is becoming increasingly popular not least because of the cost savings - today's technology makes conversion relatively simple and provides many benefits.

If you are interested in more information on how the conversion is actually achieved you can read up more in this blog post here

The Hyundai HY1000Si is the ideal generator to take on your camping, caravaning or boating trips, it's lightweight and low noise make it a very popular choice.
This generator is very handy for keeping the leisure battery in the caravan or motorhome charged, powering a TV or Laptop and lighting. Providing 950 watts of power.

The HY1000Si features the new ECO-Throttle system, which helps to keep fuel consumption and noise levels to a minimum. Because of this feature, it means that you can get anywhere between 3-7 hours of use on just 2.7 litres of fuel, depending on load, and all at an acceptable level of noise.
Thanks to the inverter technology, the power output is a pure sine wave, so there are no spikes that cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment like computers and TVs.
Each Hyundai HY1000Si inverter generator comes complete with the following accessories kit:
  • Operating Manual
  • Toolkit Screwdriver
  • Spark Plug
  • Oil Filler Jug
  • Oil Drain Spout
  • 12v Leads and Clips
  • 1 Litre of Engine Oil ( SAE15 w40)
  • Caravan Adapter Fly Leads
  • FuelFit Petrol Additive 

We offer a full back up service on all our generators and a 24 month domestic use warranty, a full service and parts facility is also available from us.

Join 1000's of others who have purchased a Hyundai from us. If you want to discuss the best options for your needs and are unsure in any way, why not give one of our expert team a call to discuss on 01949 829 384 or you can email us directly on info@sailandtrail.co.uk

As extras with this generator we can offer a storage bag, a storage tent, bottles of oil, LPG conversion kits and service kits. Let us know if you wish to add these to your order.

Still have questions? Then feel free to read through our FAQ, containing lots of information regarding generator sizes, power requirements and even videos of how to perform oil changes. Click HERE to view.

Pure sine wave output
Eco Throttle system
Low oil shutdown
Overload shutdown
12v output for battery charging
12v leads and clips
Low Noise
Stylish appearance
Ideal for a reliable power supply wherever you are!
24 Month warranty

Model HY1000Si
GENERATOR Type Digital Inverter/Sine Wave
Rated AC Output (KW) 0.95
Max AC Output (KW) 1.0
Frequency (Hz) 50Hz
Voltage (v) 230v
Power Factor     cos ¦µ 1.0
Type Over head Valve/Forced-Air Cooling/single Cylinder/4 stroke Petrol engine
Bore x Stroke 41.8mmX36mm
Displacement   ml 49CC
Rated Power   kw 1.2
Max Power    kw 1.4
Ignition Mode T.D.I
Recommended Fuel Unleaded Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity L 2.7
Fuel Consumption  h 420g/kw.h
Engine Oil Capacity  L 0.25
Starting System Pull start
Continuous Run Time (hours) 4-6
Noise Level (7m) 58db (with no load)
STANDARD FEATURES Power Indicator Light Yes
AC Overload Protector Yes
AC Socket Yes
  DC Socket (12v/8.3A) Yes
DC Protector Yes
 Low Oil light  Yes
DIMENSIONS Dimension   mm 490mm x 275mm x 415mm
Net weight   kg 13.7


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Additional Information

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