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Hyundai DHY11KSEm 1500rpm 11kVA Standby Generator

 Peak power 11kva, single phase 230v

 Hyundai water cooled 1809cc engine

77 litre fuel tank.

35 hour runtime at 50% load

Stationary generator ideal for standby use

Weather-proof 'silenced' canopy.

 ATS-compatible, and can be easily installed with optional transfer switch

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Product Description


This is the Hyundai DHY11KSEm 1500rpm Single Phase 1500rpm Diesel Generator. With an impressive 11kVA maximum power output and a slow running, lightly stressed Hyundai engine, the DHY11KSEm makes the ideal standby generator for home or business use.

The DHY11KSEm offers amazing value for money, with a top quality design and outstanding technical features. This really is a standby generator which will not let you down! With the growing amount of power failures in the UK, it is now more important than ever to get prepared so you are not taken by surprise! The DHY11KSEm will be there when you need it the most, meaning that your family home is kept lit up and warm during the cold, harsh winter months and your business can keep running smoothly