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Portable Generator Tent Cover

All weather protection Generator tent, cover and bag

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Product Description


Protect your generator with Sail & Trail's Portable generator tent and cover.

You can keep your generator running outside in all weather and not have to worry about your investment being damaged.

The cover protects against sun damage, rain/snow, dirt, dust, tree sap and birds, It also will not shrink or stretch.

They are made from durable canvas, these also double up as a nice carry and storage bag for your generator.

The bag is completely dust proof and water resistant. Ensuring that your generator will stay clean and dry on your next adventure.

Double zips allow the top of the bag to completely open up, allowing easy access for loading and unloading the generator.

The bag is large enough to allow the storage of any extension leads along with the generator. Keeping it all in one place and nice and tidy.

Protect your investment.

We offer 4 sizes to cover all generators.
Size 1 (470mm x 200mm x 370mm) Fits: Honda EU10i, Kipor IG1000, Atima SD1000
Size 2 (H460mm x W370mm x L410mm) Fits: Honda EU20i, Kipor IG2000, Atima SD2000
Size 3 (500mm x 360mm x 510mm) Fits: Kipor IG2600
Size 4 (H610mm x W310mm x L570mm) Fits: Hyundai 3000

We also sell just the waterproof generator bag here

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