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Gas It 6kg 2nd Generation Refillable LPG Bottle Cylinder + Bluetooth Level Sensor

Gas It 6kg 2nd Generation Refillable LPG Bottle Cylinder + Bluetooth Level Sensor

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Product Description


6kg 2nd Generation Refillable LPG Bottle Cylinder

The second generation is the refillable bottle is here, from the award winning Gas It launches is 2nd gen refillable cylinder bottle.

SAVE Up to a Whopping 60% compared to a Color gas refill - it's a no brainer!

Includes Bluetooth Level Sensor - Download FREE App from Apple or Android App Store

    6kg Refillable Cylinder Specification

  • Capacity 15.5 litres
  • Fills to approximately 12.5 litres (at 80% full)
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight 8.2Kg


Handle fitted: 495mm height x 246mm diameter

Without Handle: 470mm height x 246mm diameter

Why use refillable LPG Bottles?

Refillable Gas It bottles enable you to refill your own bottles and save £'s on your LPG costs compared to normal bottle suppliers gas.The savings can be up to 60% and unlike your usual suppliers, you can fill these bottles up at any time whether empty or part empty.

What is the difference between the Gas It Normal Bottles and the Gas It PLUS Bottles?

The GAS IT Plus bottles are fitted with 4 separate valves and many safety features not seen in other brands like Gaslow or Safefill in the UK which makes these GAS IT Plus bottles unique in many ways.

The outlet is fitted with a full excess flow valve meaning the tank will shut off automatically if a pigtail was ever to burst (unique to GAS IT Plus bottles). Inside the tank there is a full liquid Phase separator© which stops any liquid from leaving the bottle and full size large flow pressure relief valve stops.

Having a separate level float sender allows you to connect a remote LED gauge to the bottle for viewing of the gas contents.

These bottles greatly exceed all current EU and UK safety standards.

They also have a high quality paint finish.

Are these bottles compatible with other brands?

This GAS IT brand of Refillable gas bottle is fitted with a float level / content controlled outlet and comes with the standard refillable elbow with JIC fitting identical to our other bottles and Gaslow, Caratank and so forth.

These Refillable gas bottles can be partnered up with the identical Gaslow type so you are sure of absolute compatibility should you decide to have more than one bottle fitted. This bottle also works with the Gaslow, Caratank and GAS IT fillpoints, hoses, fitting and so forth.

How easy are these bottles to fit?

These kits are easy to fit by any competent person with no special tools needed and a simple spanner. We often liken it to fitting Mechano. If you are fitting an external fill point then a 70mm Hole cutter will be needed.

Do I need an external fill point fitted?

Current regulations indicate that refillable bottles should have a remote fill point separate to the bottle in order to remain legal, our in locker or external fill points totally comply with these regulations. If you wish to make no modifications to bodywork then the in locker kit is ideal. We also stock all the pipework, regulators and accessories needed to install these bottles.

Do you need to be Gas Safe registered to fit these?

No you do not need to be registered for the fitting of these, our tanks are ready to fit by any competent person, although we would suggest that any installation is checked over by a Gas Safe Engineer or at your local NCC authorised Caravan service centre if you are unsure.

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