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Duvalay 5cm Comfort Memory Foam Topper 58cm 66cm 77cm Widths

Duvalay 5cm Comfort Memory Foam Topper 58cm 66cm 77cm Widths

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The Comfort Travel Topper has twice the depth of the Compact offering more comfort and support giving you welcome relief from back, neck and joint pain.

  • Comes with a zipped, washable protective cover
  • Secures with straps for easy use and storage
  • Choice of two foam qualities
  • This double depth topper provides maximum comfort anywhere you sleep and can be used as a caravan topper, a camping topper and in boats, trucks, campervans and motorhomes.

For ease of use we recommend using Duvalay's zipped sheets which only need to be removed for washing. The 58 and 66cm toppers can be used with our topper bag for ultimate travel convenience

The premium comfort you expect from your mattress at home, combined with the convenience of an easy-roll topper…

Rolling to a larger size than the Compact Topper, it is, nevertheless, easy to accommodate in vehicles or tents. Simply roll it out in seconds and then secure it with the included straps once you’ve awoken rejuvenated from your best night’s sleep yet!

There’s no more hoping for the best (but expecting the worst) when staying over in a hotel, B&B or with family and friends; simply take the topper with you, which you KNOW you can trust to make ANY mattress a comfy place to sleep!

Duvalay's top recommendation for anyone with a bad back, the Duvalay Comfort Travel Topper puts nagging aches and pains to bed for hours of blissfully uninterrupted sleep.

Two can be positioned together to make a luxurious double and don't worry - you won't feel the joins and they won't move around.

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