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Duvalay Bedware

5cm Comfort Memory Foam

The ultimate 5cm memory foam base is the best for comfort.

4 cm Comfort Memory Foam

Treat yourself to the more comfort with the 4cm memory foam base.

2.5 cm Compact Memory Foam

Short of space the compact 2.5cm memory foam base does the job.

Storage Bag

Store anything Duvalay including your sleeping bag.

5cm FreshTec Memory Foam

The utimate FreshTec 5cm memory foam sleeping bag.

4cm FreshTec Memory Foam

Sleep easy with thr 4cm FreshTec memory foam sleeping bag.

Pillow Cases

Choose from a great range of colours of matching or contrasting pillow cases for your Duvalay sleeping bags.

Sleeping Bag Covers

Whether you want a spare cover or just a change of colour.

Duvet Summer/Winter

Replacement or spare 4.5 tog or 10 tog duvet.

FreshTec 5cm Memory Foam Toppers

The ultimate in memory foam toppers with FreshTec cool technology for a better nights sleep.

Comfort 5cm Memory Foam Toppers

The best in comfort 5cm memory foam toppers from Duvalay.

Compact 2.5cm Memory Foam Toppers

Compact 2.5cm memory foam toppers for lighter weight and space saving.

FeshTec/Comfort Sheets for 5cm Memory Foam Toppers

FeshTec/Comfort Zipped fitted sheets for 5cm Memory Foam Toppers.

Zipped Fitted Sheet for 2.5cm Memory Foam Toppers

FeshTec/Compact 2.5cm sheets memory foam toppers.

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