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Back2You Covert GPS Tracker with 60 Day Battery

60 Day Battery

Strong Magnetic Base

Can be used worldwide

No monthly ongoing costs, easy to use pay as you go sim connection.

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Product Description


This is our top of the range GPS tracker.

Simple to use with no wiring required, just pop in the SIM card (included) after registering it online and charge up the unit and that is it. It has a strong magnetic base so it can simply be attached to any vehicle or object you wish to track.

There is no contract or monthly fees to pay, only a pay as you go for each txt you recieve from your GPS Unit.

To find out where the unit is you simply call it up from your phone and it will instantly text you back with its exact location along with a direct link to Google maps so you can actually see where your vehicle is if you have a smart phone.

The built in batteries will last up to 60 days between charges and the unit will even send you a message telling you when it needs to be charged.

We provide FREE tracked couriered postage with all orders of this item. 12 Month warranty is included on all units sold by us.

Full Specifications

No contract, so no monthly fees

No installation costs

No wiring - just charge and go

Large 6000MA internal Battery that lasts up to 60 days between charges

Waterproof case and rugged design

Powerful magnets that will stick to any metal surfaces securely

Comes with full range of accessories including 2 chargers (one 3 pin UK plug and one 12v car) and 2 external antennas

Can remotely switch a relay (included) to isolate fuel supply or activate alarms

Real-time tracking giving you the ability to see the position of any of your devices on demand

Movement alarm can be set to alert you if your vehicle moves more than 200m

Shock sensor alarm can be set to alert you if the unit is shocked or jolted

Over speed alarm can be set to alert if vehicle exceeds a pre set speed

Geo-fence alarm alerts you if the unit moves outside a pre set area

Support for map viewing on mobile devices ( Google maps etc ) just click the link

High sensitivity internal GPS and GSM antennas means it can be used without any additional antenna

Support for external GSM, GPS and power supply leads (all included) for extra power and long term use

A panic button can be installed within the drivers reach to send out a pre set SOS message


Dimensions : 94mm x 60mm x 38mm

Weight: 300g

Network: GSM/GPRS

Band: 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz

GSM/GPRS Module: SIM900B

GPS Module: SIRF3 Chip

GPS Sensitivity: -159dBm

GPS Accuracy: 5m

GPS Start Time: Cold - 45s, Hot - 1s

EXT. Power: DC 12v - 24V

Operation Temp: -20°C to +65°C

Will this work anywhere in the world?

Anywere in the world that has a gsm phone signal to communicate back to you. This covers a large majority of the globe

How accurate is this?

The unit is accurate to 5m, if the external antenna is connected this increases to 3m

There looks like a lot of wires in the box, I thought you said it had no wiring?

The unit is wireless, the loom contained in the box is only provided if you wish to wire it into a vehicle permanently

Do I have to have a smart phone?

A smart phone is not required for use, however it greatly increases its usability by being able to see a map straight away by clicking on the provided link as oppose to looking up the lat and long coordinates manually

Can this be used on a boat?

This works very well on boats as long as they are within phone signal range. The geofence feature is perfect for making sure your boat stays where you docked it while you are away

Additional Information

Additional Information

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