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CorningWare Dimensions Lilyville 1.25L Casserole - dia 19cm x h 7.5cm

•offers real convenience and versatility unmatched by conventional cookware
•Amazingly versatile: use on stovetop, oven, broiler (without cover), refridgerator, freezer,microwave and is Dishwasher safe. 
•healthy cooking experience: non-porous glass-ceramic won’t absorb food odors or flavors or react with acid-based foods.

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Product Description


This Corningware product is a  1.25L Casserole dish with the  Corningware Lilyville design around it making it a unique and stylish, a must have for your tableware collection

Corningware cookware provides un-equaled convenience and versatility as it can be used in the oven, microwave, on top of stove, grill, BBQ, refrigerator and freezer as well as on the table.

Corningware is also the ideal casserole dish because it retains heat much longer. This means that you can use a much lower heat setting on the stovetop. Cooking will continue even after the gas has been turned off, resulting in lower gas costs. For fast, healthy meals, Corningware is equally at home in the microwave.

Corningware is easy to clean and will not retain food odours unlike some metals and plastic. It is available in a range of convenient sizes and shapes. All Corningware cookware sets bases have a ten year warranty against breakage from hot and cold temperatures. So start cooking with Corningware and discover why it has established its reputation for versatility and convenience.

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