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Bulldog BW500 Steering Wheel Lock For Cars

Bulldog BW500 Steering Wheel Lock

Designed to suit most cars the BW500 has obtained Department of Transport Approval

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Product Description


BW500 Steering Wheel Lock

Suitable for use on cars the BW500 is quick and easy to use and locks in place without the use of a key.

  • Highly visual and effective.
  • Great theft deterrent  
  • Easily removed when needed.

(Inside diameter of the steering wheel rim. Min 285mm - Max 365mm approx.) 
(Overall Length 630mm).

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 Who are Bulldog ?

 Bulldog Security Products Limited is a well established manufacturer of quality security products for almost 30 years. They understand the importance of security equipment that gives both peace of mind ans is easy to fit,especially in Britain's unpredictable weather ! Bulldogs product range spans all areas from Leisure, Commercial, Domestic and many more.

Bulldog Quality
Bulldog's products are regularly submitted for independent test house scrutiny and inspection by the technical departments of insurance companies, motoring organisations and other authorities.

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Additional Information

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