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Bulkhead Regulator High Capacity Vapour Filter (W20 Male in x W20 Female Out)

Bulkhead Regulator High Capacity Vapour Filter (W20 Male in x W20 Female Out)

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Gas IT

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Product Description


GAS IT are market leading vapour filters for LPG vapour applications for well over 25 years and the latest vapour filter development features a new higher capacity filter body which offers even high filtration via our unique glass fiber filter element. It also offers significantly high flow rates for large gas bottle or tank installations and gas usage.

  • Easy of installation - Just fits between your pigtail and your bulkhead mounted gas regulator.
  • Filters the dirty, oily gas vapour before it hits your regulator and internal appliances.
  • Works with your normal brand of exchange gas bottles or your own self refillable gas bottles and gas tanks.
  • Works with any brand of bulkhead regulator - Truma, Clesse, Cavagna and more.
  • Easily serviced with cost effective replacement filters available from us
  • High flow rate filter with reinforced metal provides secure filtering in all conditions.
  • Large, Pleated Surface area filter captures more contaminates with low risk of blockage.
  • We recommend you check your filter for oily contamination every 12 months and replace internal as needed ( We recommend every 12 months to be well protected ) or sooner if used in a none leisure or high gas usage application

High Capacity Filter specifications

  • Maximum Operating Pressure 30 bar.
  • Working Temperature -20°C to 120°C.
  • Air Permeability ( DIN 53887 ) 205 l/m2s ( Liters per Meter/Squared per Second )
  • Wire Mesh Reinforced Filter which will stand up to all types of dirt and abuse
  • Active Filtration Area of Filter. 140 cm2 ( Centimeter Squared )

This direct to gas regulator GAS IT vapour long body filter has been designed to fit directly to your bulkhead mounted gas regulator via the W20 pigtail fitting. Once fitted you can then connect your existing W20 gas rubber pigtail to the filter and you will protect the regulator and everything down stream of it from dirty, oily LPG gas.

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Additional Information

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