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  • Can you afford not to invest in a GPS tracker for your caravan?  


    caravan security

    Not only is the number of caravan owners in the UK rising every year, the percentage of vehicles which fall into the luxury category is also increasing.

    You don’t need us to tell you that a caravan can be a very pricy purchase indeed.

    However, it is estimated that about 4,000 caravans are stolen every year, of which only about 10% are recovered and as winter comes ever closer, now is the prime time for thieves.

    The problem is heightened by the rise of professional thieves who use this time to break into caravans put away for winter and take them out of the country.

    On top of investing in the security measures we advise here, one of the most efficient ways to stop thieves is to invest in a GPS tracker.

    This tiny, little black box will sit undisturbed in your caravan until any movement is detected.

    The minute your caravan is moved from a certain point or geographic range (a virtual geo fence) it will send an alert to you or the police (or both!)

    At prices starting from £95, can you afford not to invest in a tracker that’ll help prevent the loss of a incredibly expensive vehicle as well as the heartache and annoyance of losing a prized possession and the objects in it?

    Find out more about the GPS trackers and security products we stock here

    For more tips on how to deter thieves and avoid caravan theft read our comprehensive guide – here.

  • Top Tips to Avoid Caravan Theft

    It is estimated that every year 4,000 caravans are stolen. Given only 10% of these are recovered, in all likelihood if this happens to you, you probably won’t see your caravan again.

    Regardless of the value of your caravan, having your possessions rummaged through and then taken is a horrible experience.

    Here are the best ways to avoid your caravan being taken:

    caravan security

    1) Get handy with a UV pen.

    Write your postcode and any other details you can fit on all over anything that could be removed from your caravan.

    While this won’t stop thieves from taking the items, it will help you get them back if the worst should happen.


    2) Take everything out of your caravan.

    Yes it’s a pain, but if you are leaving your caravan for a long period of time, remove everything, even the upholstery.

    The less attractive your caravan looks, the less a thief will be interested in breaking into it. Make sure you keep the curtains, cupboards and drawers open to demonstrate how sparse and unappealing your caravan is.


    3) Register your caravan with CRiS

    If you caravan was made in the UK after 1992, then it will automatically be registered with the National Register for Caravan Keepers. But if it is older, you should get it registered.  You’ll be provided with a unique 17 digit number.

    Doing so means if your caravan is stolen, the next owners or the police will be able to track it back to you.



    caravan security

    4) Fit your caravan with an alarm and tracking device

    Hopefully a blaring alarm will put off thieves from making off with your caravan, but to make your caravan extra secure fit it with a tracking system. This means if your caravan is taken, the police or tracking system operator will be able to track it.

    Always turn your alarm on - even if you are only leaving your caravan for a minute or two.

    We actually  offer a great multipurpose GPS tracker that allows you to keep track of your van (pictured to the right and currently with £30 off!).


    5) Keep it in a secure location

    Keeping your caravan in a dedicated, secure space when it’s not in use may seem like an extra cost, but it will give you peace of mind and can even bring your insurance costs down.

    A quick Google search will bring up the one closest to you.

    If this seems like too much hassle, think about employing a caravan sitter should you go away for a couple of days.


    6) Lock everything!

    Invest in a hitch lock, a wheel clamp, a wheel lock and any other lock you can lay your hands on to make your caravan look as unmoveable as possible.


    7) Keep doors and windows shut

    You may only be popping out of your caravan quickly, but always lock your windows, doors and rooflights. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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