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Revolutionary product melts ice and snow faster and more safely than salt  


melt snow and ice

When it comes to melting ice and snow many people rely on salt, despite it being bad for the environment and actually being so corrosive it can actually damage concrete and carparks.

But with the bad weather look set to stay for a while, what are the alternatives?

Sail and Trail is proud to be a retailer of Miracle Melt, which is not only better for the environment than salt, but also melts snow and ice far quicker.

Because the granules are less corrosive than salt and don’t leave residue, they are also ideal for using around the entrances of schools, nursing homes, factories, offices, carparks and other entities as they won’t leave lasting damage.

In fact, they are so friendly they won’t even damage carpets, making it ideal for hospitality venues such as restaurants or bars where many people might walk through leaving permanent damage.

What’s more, the premium granules get to work so quickly that they dissolve immediately upon application, breaking the bond between pavement and ice.

melt ice and snow

The reason for their fast and strong action is threefold:

  • Firstly, they have a low eutectic point which means they melt to a much lower temperatures than salt does.
  • Secondly, they are exothermic meaning that they release heat to activate the melting ability.
  • Finally, the granules are hygroscopic which means they rapidly attract moisture required for melting snow or ice.

On top of all the positive points mentioned above, the product also does not harm the environment when left on the ground and is incredibly simple to use.


Top tips for use!

  • Apply before snowfall to prevent snow sticking or freezing to your surface
  • If applying after snowfall remove top layer of snow, before sprinkling over surface
  • Use gloves when applying



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