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  • Portable Petrol Generators Vs Portable Gas LPG Generators

    Liquid Petroleum Gas, or LPG for short, is commonly found in the red bottles by Calor and used for BBQ’s, Caravans and Motorhomes. Almost all gas conversions in the UK use LPG as oppose to Butane (which is the blue bottles). It is possible to use Butane although different jets are required.

    There has been a recent development in LPG conversion kits for generators as people look to move away from petrol and diesel as fuel sources. Some camping and caravan sites are starting to ban any petrol on sites for safety reasons. Some UK councils have stated that catering vans or exhibitors at events must only use LPG.

    The conversion is achieved by using an aluminium collar that sits between the air filter and the carburettor. This allows the carburettor to remain unchanged so it is still capable of running petrol if it is ever needed. Due to the added thickness of the collar longer carburettor mounting studs are used.

    Benefits of LPG:

    The biggest attraction of LPG is the lower running costs (bottled gas is about 30% - 50% cheaper to run currently than petrol, the larger the cylinder the cheaper the gas becomes). As fuel becomes more expensive this becomes and attractive offer.

    You have greater flexibility in regards to extending the running time, just use a bigger cylinder if you need a longer running time; you are no longer limited by the internal fuel tank.

    Cleaner emissions allows for use in situations where petrol is not appropriate such as around food or on those sites that do not allow petrol for fire risk precautions. There are also no petrol storage problems, eg. Smells.

    Minimal risk of fuel spillage, as the fuel is not “loose” also there is less chance of the fuel source being stolen.

    Lower maintenance costs due to cleaner running; petrol decays over time and can block the carburettor or hinder its operation. LPG does not have this problem as the LPG is sealed there is no chance of degradation. This leads to extended life of the spark plug and generator components.

    A lot easier to refuel just connect up a new bottle. With more and more councils and campsites taking a disliking to petrol and diesel we feel that the demand of LPG generators will only increase in the future.

    Sail and Trail offer LPG generators for just about every situation and requirement

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