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  • How to keep your life jacket for longer

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    Given that your life jacket or bouyancy aid is arguably one of your most important pieces of kit to have when you're out in water, it is essential you look after them well to ensure that if it comes to being needed it's in completely working condition.

    They are also not a cheap buy, especially if you have a family or crew to kit out and looking after them well will enhance their life span.

    Firstly, don’t keep any sharp objects in your jacket as they could cause punctures and affect the life jackets buoyancy. If taking part in activities like fishing, be extra careful around the hooks and knives.

    While not always a major concern for the UK, it is good practise to keep your lifejacket out of direct sunlight for too long periods. If your life jacket is exposed to salt water, even if it’s just spray be sure to wash thoroughly in fresh water afterwards.

    If the salt is left there, not only can is cause unpleasant smells, it also can start to corrode the fabric.

    Once your jacket is clean, make sure it is dry (though do not tumble dry!) and store in a cold, dry place.

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