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How to clean your caravan - our top tips

With summer fast approaching, if you haven’t quite got round to it yet, now’s the time you might want to grab your rubber gloves and think about giving your caravan a good clean.

While caravan washing isn't everyone's favourite task, thankfully, there are lots of products out there specifically designed for caravans which makes things easier. Here’s our short guide on the best way to clean your caravan:

The essentials

  • Water: whether it’s from a hose, a power washer or a bucket or Dry Wash, which works on any surface even if you don’t have access to water.
  • Sponges, mops with clean heads and drying cloths.
  • For cleaning, you are going to need shampoo, tyre cleaner, window cleaning spray, etc.
  • Other essentials include elbow grease, V-shaped ladder with platform/ scaffold plate, finishing wax, toothbrush, Chamois leather etc.


When to start cleaning

  • Once you have all these items ready, you can start the cleaning process. The best time to clean is a calm cloudy day – if it’s too sunny or windy your caravan will dry before you can do it yourself, leaving you with streaks and drips.
  • If the day is windy or sunny, it’s preferable to wash one side and rinse it and then start another side to avoid streaks forming.


 The process

clean caravan
  • Always start from the top of the caravan. Place the ladder so you can comfortably reach the whole roof with the long brush. Use cleaning solution wisely and remove all algae, streaks, paint or other form of dirt that may have accumulated. You may need to move the ladder around to access all parts.
  • Hot water is great at removing bird waste and insect eggs from your caravan. Snowfoam can also be used for this purpose effectively. You can make your own with some detergent in a canister.
  • Use a specific canopy cleaner like this one for your awnings.
  • Side panels should be cleaned with a noodle mitt or soft brush. You can also use a microfibre cloth for this purpose. Make sure that you leave the cleaning solution on for some time (10 min. approx.) before going ahead.
  • Windows should be stripped of all dirt before cleaning them with the microfibre cloth. You can also use Chamois leathers, although they are expensive and may not produce the desired results. Finally, you should use a glass cleaner for extra shine – we recommend this one as it’s both heavy duty and biodegradable.
  • Compressed air cleaners or felt brushes are very effective in cleaning roof lights. Use them to reach inaccessible spots.
  • Overwintering spray and wax should be used at the end to make it easier to clean your caravan next time.



  • When you wash your caravan or motorhome be careful not to let the water seep inside. For this, you need to maintain a good distance, which can be easily done with a hosepipe or bucket to ease pressure.
  • Washing up liquid can be damaging to your caravan so if you used it by mistake apply polish to the area to immediately.
  • Do not use hard brush on plastic windows. This will result in scratches.
  • Buy larger microfibers to prevent wringing.


These tips will save you a lot of effort when cleaning your caravan. Follow them diligently and your caravan will stay cleaner for longer and require less maintenance in the future.

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