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  • A Look Inside a GAS IT Horizontal Vapour Tank

    Every GAS IT Refillable gas tank is packed full of many unique safety features, so please don't assume all red vapour tanks, or all vapour tanks sold in the UK are the same or even legal. GAS IT specify their own high quality valves and equipment.

    Firstly their GAS IT tanks are made of the highest quality steel and external coatings and comply with the current EU and UK regulations and comes from the well proven tank manufacturers in Europe.

    They source and fit the best Europea,  top quality safety valves, again all marked and complying with all EC and UK regulations. All of the GAS IT horizontal tanks are fitted with their own choice of 4 separate valves, covered by a high quality aluminium housing.

    1) The gas inlet valve known as a 80% shut off valve, is there so when the tank is filled to 80% full this valve shuts off every single time. Should the fill pipe be disconnected or be damaged there is also a non return valve fitted inside our 80% shut off valve which automatically stops any release of gas.

    2)  We then have a separate gauge float which shows the gas level inside the tank on the external gauge.  We can supply a separate sender unit which then displays the level on a remote LED gauge, both items bought separately. Please note these floats and senders are not calibrated units, so they are a indication only.

    3) PRV, this is the pressure release valve. Should the pressure in the tank expand to 27 bar ( 378 psi) the valve will open and release the pressure in a very controlled manner. This will never release under any normal operation circumstances.

    4) Our gas outlet is of top notch quality. It is a manually operated unit which is turned to control the flow on or off of the gas vapour.  In this unit there is also a high quality automatic shut off valve, so should any pipe or regulator on the tank leak or come off, the tank will automatically turn its self off - every time!

    So as you can see our valves are not just valves!

    Inside our GAS IT tanks we also have extra safety devices in the form of Liquid Phase Separators © and Restrictors.  Inside the tank on the vapour out, there is a large Liquid Phase Separator snorkel which is capped off with a special shaped lid that limits the amount of liquid that can escape down it from the tank.  We have done extensive driving tests to make sure that you never experienced any liquid from leaving the gas tank.  Even our upright Red GAS IT Plus 4 hole bottles have separators built in.

    Please see the pictures of the inside of the tank to see these built in Liquid Phase Separators ©

    Inside a Horizontal Gas Tank Inside a Horizontal Gas Tank

    The Terminology - Liquid Phase Separator © is copyright - Nicholas A. Farrow - 2001

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