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  • How to make your non-stick cookware last even longer!


    cooklite cookware pan

    Congratulations on your brand new Cooklite cookware – you are now an owner of some of the best pans on the market!

    Our pans are super tough and come with an easy wipe clean surface making them incredibly durable and long lasting.

    However, every little helps so we’ve put together a few tips for you to ensure your pans last for even longer!


    • Be nice to your pan!

    The extremely hard Petra Stone bonded coating means the use of non-sharp metal utensils is now possible with your Cooklite cookware.

    However, do try and avoid scraping sharp metal objects against the non-stick coating or cutting up food whilst it’s in the pan. Alternatively you can use plastic, rubber or wooden utensils to help prolong the life of your Cooklite pan.


    • cooklitepans frying panDon’t scrub your pans

    Our Cooklite pans have an easy wipe clean surface, so should be like new again in seconds.

    However, if your pan needs a deeper clean then avoid wiry or scraping cloths. Instead, wait for the pan to cool down and wash it with warm soapy water. Rinse and then dry with a soft towel.


    •  Don’t abandon your Cooklite!

    Your Cooklite pan is super tough and can withstand a lot, but if you frequently leave an empty pan on a hot burner for a long time, you can cause damage to the non-stick coating on the cookware.

    If you’re not using the pan just take it off the heat until you’re ready to cook.


    • Avoid oil sprays

    If you want to cook with fats, then use whole fats with a high smoke point, like oil or butter, instead of cooking spray.

    Oil spray and other fats with low smoke points can’t withstand high temperatures and will leave a sticky buildup of the spray that doesn't burn off during cooking.


    • Enjoy!

    We hope you love your Cooklite cookware as much as we do and want to explore the whole range.

    If you wish to browse, you can check out our online shop here! 

  • How to restore your old cooking pans


    cooklite cooking pot frying pan

    You’ve had a good time together over the years, shared some delicious meals and some heart-warming moments, but now your pans are a former shell of what they used to be.

    Perhaps they are refusing to heat, or covered in dark sticky goo, or simply making everything they touch taste of coal – but can they be rescued?


    Tried vinegar?

    Before your send your frying pans and cooking pots to the bin, make sure you’ve given them a good scrub with vinegar. This will work across all pan types including stainless steel, aluminium, non-stick and cast iron and should help remove nasty stains and burnt bits.

    However, if your cookware is non-stick and the coating has started to strip away, there’s very little you can do to fix it once you’ve exhausted your vinegar cleaning options.


    Are your pans peeling?

    In this case you should absolutely be looking at purchasing some new cookware. Not only can parts of the peeling pan get into your food, affecting its taste, texture and appearance, it can also be incredibly unsafe. No amount of vinegar can fix this!


    cooklitepans frying pan

    Time for new pans!

    At Sail and Trail we’re proud of our excellent range of Cooklite pans, not only are they scratch resistant helping them last even longer, they are also non-stick, oven proof up to 180 Degrees and ergonomic with an easy grip handle.

    We also offer the best prices around! So why not start making cooking enjoyable again with some beautiful new cooking pots and pans?

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