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  • Top tips for sailing with your dog

    sailing dogs boat

    There’s nothing better than getting away from it all, the wind in your hair and only the open water ahead. However, there’s only one thing better than sailing, and that’s sailing with your four legged friend.

    But, while there is lots of fun to be had, there are also some really serious considerations to be made about taking a dog on board.  We’ve compiled a guide to ensure a super safe trip:


    • Getting on and off

    First things first, when it comes to getting your dog on and off board, the best way to do so is for him/her to be carried in some capacity or to use a ramp.

    Your dog’s natural instinct will be to jump on or off board, but it can be difficult for a dog to gauge this correctly and accidents can happen as the boat moves, or he/she gets confused by the fence.


    • Don't forget the essentials

    You will also need to bring fresh drinking water, waste bags and paper towels (unless your dog is trained to use a litter tray).

    Extra towels are always handy especially if you moor up for a swim or paddle. There’s nothing quite as lingering as the smell of wet dog, so you’ll want to ensure your pooch is as dry as possible so he/she doesn’t use your interior furnishings as a towel instead.

    It’s also a good idea to bring a couple of mats or bits of carpet to both protect the boat from your dog’s claws, but more importantly this will also stop him/her from slipping around and sliding overboard.

    dog sailing boat


    Lifesaving equiptment

    Should the worst happen and your dog does fall overboard, you’ll not only want him/her to float but also to be easily visible, it’s therefore important to invest in a dog life vest. As well as providing lifesaving services it will also help keep your dog warm from the sea or river breeze.

    Planning on fishing? It pays to be extra careful here, make sure you keep any bait you are planning on using stored carefully away in either plastic Tupperware or specialised bait storage. At best your hungry pup might gobble it all up, at worst they could end up deciding pre-hooked bait or lures are delicious dog food, ripping their throats or causing them to choke.


    • Enjoy the trip together :) 

    Finally, after all that hard work at being a good dog, make sure you have some treats on hand to reward him/her and enjoy the adventure together.

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