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5 simple healthy summer recipes to cook in your caravan or narrowboat


It's almost beginning to feel like the sun is going to break out from behind the clouds. Could it be that summer is actually here?

We can never be sure in the UK, but just in case, we’ve put together some of our favourite recipes for meals to enjoy on a sunny day. Staying healthy when you’re enjoying a caravan or narrowboat break, can be difficult, but we’ve picked a selection of our favourite filling but healthy recipes.

These are all tried and tested, though the occasional packet of crisps has been known to sneak in!


healthy recipe caravan narrowboat

1) Breakfast Tacos

This super filling breakfast (or lunch or dinner!) dish is not only incredibly easy to make, but also easy to multiply up or down depending on how many hungry mouths you have to feed.

All you need to do is beat the eggs, spinach and seasoning in a pan, line the tortilla with chopped avocado and some salsa, and add the egg mixture when cooked.

The dish is filled with brain boosting ingredients, which is handy if you have a day of map reading ahead!

Ingredients (per person): 1 tortilla, handful chopped spinach, ½ an avocado, some salsa, salt and pepper, 2-3 eggs.

Optional Ingredients: You can make your taco as fancy as you like, add mushrooms, chicken, sweetcorn, anything!

Top Tip: If you want to further reduce the fat content, use only the egg whites for the omelette part.


healthy recipe caravan narrowboat

2) Garlic Prawn and Any Bean Pasta

The smell of garlic cooking is enough to get anyone’s mouth watering, and this delicious recipe is high in protein, making it super filling. Put your pasta on to cook, and five minutes before the pasta is ready, start cooking the oil, garlic and prawns in another pan for two minutes.

Then add the beans, cook for a further two minutes (or until the prawns are pink), combine the contents of the two pans and serve with a generous douse of squeezed lemon.

Ingredients (per person): Handful of pasta (wholegrain is preferable), 5-8 prawns, any green bean or pea (eg runner bean, mangetout etc), 2-3 garlic cloves, olive oil.

Optional Ingredients: Add chilli for a kick and shallots for texture.

Top Tip: If you are on your boat or your caravan is near water, try and find a local fisherman who may be able to sell you prawns caught that day.


3) Hawaiian Pizza Wrap

If you’re craving pizza, but trying to be good this summer, then the pizza wrap is for you!

Like in your favourite pizza joint; simply the toppings to make your favourite pizza - but instead of spreading over a base, spread the ingredients on your wrap, fold up and you’re ready to go.

Ingredients (per person): 1 low-fat tortilla, 3 sliced pineapple chunks, 1 tomato sliced, sprinkling low-fat grated mozzarella, 2 slices ham.

Optional Ingredients: Add sliced black olives and a sprinkling of oregano to create more of a pizza feel.

Top Tip: This dish is delicious hot or cold, if you’d prefer the cheese to melt you can dry cook the wrap in a frying pan - or pop in your microwave for 20 seconds if you have one.


healthy recipe caravan narrowboat

4) Bacon & Egg Salad

Turn your guilty morning fry up into a delicious healthy meal with this crowd pleaser of a dish that is easily made in either a caravan or narrowboat kitchen. First hard boil your egg(s), then when they are cooking, assemble the salad. Peel and quarter the egg(s) and add to your salad before finally frying the fat-trimmed bacon. If you have a kitchen towell to hand soak, up all the bacon’s excess fat, cut it up and toss on. Perfect!

Ingredients (per person): As much lettuce as you'd like, sweetcorn, tomatoes, cucumber, 1 slice of bacon, 1-2 eggs, low-fat dressing, salt and pepper.

Top tip: If you have a grill, use that instead to cook the bacon.


5) Creamy Chicken

Don’t be fooled - just because this dish is creamy, doesn't mean it's not healthy and it's just perfect after a day of exploring in your caravan or boat. Start off by lightly frying the onions and chicken in a pan, add chopped peppers and cherry tomatoes, and when the peppers are cooked add the cream cheese. Stir until melted and serve with wholegrain rice.

Ingredients (per person): Handful of cooked rice, 1 chicken breast, 6 cherry tomatoes, 1/3 bell pepper, 1/2 onion, 2 tbsp super low-fat cream cheese.

Top Tip: Some people like to add lemon or lime to the dish, but do so after serving as it can cause the

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