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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • Easy Recipes to Impress With a Nova Multi Quirl  


    Known by many as the Miracle Whisk, the Nova Multi Quirl is the must-have kitchen accessory that’s been taking foodies all over the world by storm. But how to make the most of it?


    Meringues to Die For Nova Quirl Caravan Boat

    The difference between shop bought and homemade meringues is huge, and with the Nova Multi Quirl it’s no longer a faff to whip up your own, even in a caravan or boat kitchen!

    Method: With your Nova Multi Quirl whip up four large egg whites until they start to form peaks. Then slowly add 115g of caster sugar (a little at a time!) while still whipping, and then when the mixture looks glossy put down your Nova Multi Quirl and slowly fold in 115g of icing sugar. Dollop onto baking-paper lined trays and cook at 100 Celsius for 1hr 15 minutes (conventional or gas oven) or 1hr 30 – 1hr 45 if you have a fan oven.

    Top Tip: Use your Nova Multi Quirl to whip up some whipping cream, chop up some freshly picked strawberries and mix together with your crumbled meringues. Ta da! You know have a delicious desert of Eton Mess ready to go!


    The Mayonnaise to Beat all Mayonnaises

    Nothing makes a summer barbeque like the addition of some freshly prepared mayonnaise, and with the Nova Multi Quirl this is as simple as opening a jar – and way more delicious!

    Method: Using your Nova Multi Quirl whisk one egg yolk, a couple of pinches of salt and the same amount of sugar in a glass bowl. In a cup mix together 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a table spoon of white wine vinegar and add half to the whisked egg yolk, whisking thoroughly as you do so. Add a cup of oil to the mixture, one drop at a time, until the mixture emulsifies, and slowly add the rest of the oil and lemon mixture. Make sure you keep whisking using your Nova Multi Quirl while you add all the ingredients and then leave for an hour or so, and serve!

    Top Tip: Add a splash of Dijon mustard or mustard powder to give the mayonnaise kick if serving with meat products.


    nova quirl caravan boat

    The Perfect Café Latte

    Nothing beats a waking up in your boat or motorhome to a beautiful café latte, and with the Nova Multi Quirl this is no longer a treat that requires a trek to the nearest coffee shop.

    Method: Simply heat your milk in the microwave then use your Nova Multi Quirl to get it all light and frothy. Pour the milk mixture in your cup then pour your freshly brewed coffee through it and sprinkle with chocolate, cinnamon or vanilla.

    Top Tip: For an after dinner treat; add a generous slug of liquor like Baileys or Whiskey.

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  • Top Tips for Buying a Drysuit

    drysuit diving wetsuit

    We may have enjoyed a few sunny days, but the water hasn’t paid any attention and no matter whether you are planning an excursion in UK waters or in much more tropical ones, a drysuit is essential for dives in cool waters, dives with limited movement and lengthy dives.

    However, it’s important to get the right fit. Drysuits are an expensive bit of kit, so you want to ensure you get the most out of it. These questions and answers might help:


    Do I need a drysuit?

    Drysuits are essential if you are diving (or completing other activities such as kayaking) in cool water (typically below 15-16 Celsius). If you don’t wear one the cold can have seriously negative effects on your health.

    If you are completely an activity in water that is warmer than 15-16 Celsius you may also want to consider a drysuit if you will make limited or no movement.


    What are some key characteristics I should lookout for in the hunt for a perfect drysuit?

    One of the first things you should check is that your drysuit’s zips are fully functional and not going to let any water in. This is the one area you don’t want to compromise quality. It is also a good idea to invest in zipper wax, to lubricate the zip after every dive.

    You should also pay special attention to the neck and wrist seals, too loose and they let all the cold water you’ve been trying to avoid in, too tight and they can cut your circulation. It’s  up to you whether you opt for latex or neoprene seals.


    drysuit diving wetsuit

    Neoprene Suit or Shell Suit?

    Drysuits roughly split into two categories; tight and thick drysuits made from compressed or traditional foam neoprene, or shell (also known as membrane) drysuits which come with both an inner and outer layer. Both have their advantages:

    Shell suits:

    • Lightweight and flexible and easy to put on
    • Dry faster than neoprene suits
    • Can be used in a wide range of water temperatures depending on the undergarments worn.
    • Popular with technical divers

    Neoprene suits:

    • Popular with wreck and cave divers
    • Cheaper than shell suits
    • Ideal for beginners
    • Tighter than shell suits, so less drag
    • Hardier than shell suits, can take more wear and tear


     How long will my drysuit last?

    If you look after your drysuit correctly, a good quality one should last up to ten years.


    Drop one of our expert team an email, or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help you with any queries.

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  • Top tips for sailing with your dog

    sailing dogs boat

    There’s nothing better than getting away from it all, the wind in your hair and only the open water ahead. However, there’s only one thing better than sailing, and that’s sailing with your four legged friend.

    But, while there is lots of fun to be had, there are also some really serious considerations to be made about taking a dog on board.  We’ve compiled a guide to ensure a super safe trip:


    • Getting on and off

    First things first, when it comes to getting your dog on and off board, the best way to do so is for him/her to be carried in some capacity or to use a ramp.

    Your dog’s natural instinct will be to jump on or off board, but it can be difficult for a dog to gauge this correctly and accidents can happen as the boat moves, or he/she gets confused by the fence.


    • Don't forget the essentials

    You will also need to bring fresh drinking water, waste bags and paper towels (unless your dog is trained to use a litter tray).

    Extra towels are always handy especially if you moor up for a swim or paddle. There’s nothing quite as lingering as the smell of wet dog, so you’ll want to ensure your pooch is as dry as possible so he/she doesn’t use your interior furnishings as a towel instead.

    It’s also a good idea to bring a couple of mats or bits of carpet to both protect the boat from your dog’s claws, but more importantly this will also stop him/her from slipping around and sliding overboard.

    dog sailing boat


    Lifesaving equiptment

    Should the worst happen and your dog does fall overboard, you’ll not only want him/her to float but also to be easily visible, it’s therefore important to invest in a dog life vest. As well as providing lifesaving services it will also help keep your dog warm from the sea or river breeze.

    Planning on fishing? It pays to be extra careful here, make sure you keep any bait you are planning on using stored carefully away in either plastic Tupperware or specialised bait storage. At best your hungry pup might gobble it all up, at worst they could end up deciding pre-hooked bait or lures are delicious dog food, ripping their throats or causing them to choke.


    • Enjoy the trip together :) 

    Finally, after all that hard work at being a good dog, make sure you have some treats on hand to reward him/her and enjoy the adventure together.

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