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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Preparing your caravan or boat for spring: The essential checklist


    As the nights are drawing out and it finally feels like spring could actually be here, we’re sure you are just like us and itching to get outside to explore the great outdoors, whether by water or land.


    However, the key to any successful trip is in the preparation – there is nothing worse than making it all the way to your destination to find out your generator won’t turn on, or your canopy has a hole in it – so we’ve put together some of our top tips to ensure that your first trip of the year is as excellent as it should be:


    • Go for a practise spin

    First things first; ensure that all your equipment is working before setting off. You will want to check your tires, engine, all safety equipment such as locks and alarms, as well as looking at your canopies, sails and soft furnishings for winter damage. It’s much easier to fix or replace damage when you are at home before your trip, than it is when you’re on the water or the road.



    • Spring clean time :) clean caravan

    If your caravan or boat has been inactive all winter, there will certainly be a build-up of dust (at best!). To get ready for the new season you will need a bucket of hot soapy water and some elbow grease to ensure your vehicle is ready to be occupied again.

    Ensure you are thorough as static vehicles are popular places for insects and small animals to escape the cold winter and you’ll also want to ensure you remove any traces of mould and mildew.

    Our best-selling range of cleaning products is available here:



    • healthy recipe caravan narrowboatGet ready for fussy eaters

    There are increasingly fewer and fewer places that don’t have a mini Tesco or Sainsbury’s within reach, but there are still some in the far flung corners of the British Isles!

    So if you are travelling with children, animals, fussy eaters or those with intolerances make sure you have stocked up on essentials and emergency rations. Hungry campers don’t make happy campers and you can’t always rely on there being an open and fully stocked shop at hand to save the day!

    It might help to create a meal plan for your trip before you head off, with recipes that work just as well with substitutions and are easy enough to rustle up in a caravan or narrowboat kitchen (see our easy summer and winter recipes for ideas).



    • Paperwork

    It’s always a good idea to ensure that your insurance is up to date and you have all the necessary paperwork in an easily accessible place.

    You will also need to check that all your services are up to date and that you have all the necessary documentation if you are planning a trip abroad.


    • Enjoy the Spring!

    No explanation needed :)

  • Champion Power Equipment now in stock!


    champion generators

    At Sail and Trail we are proud of the wide range of good quality products we sell at good quality prices, especially our range of generators.


    And while it’s important we keep our customers happy by ensuring our leading generator line is stocked with old favourites from Typhoon, Hyundai and Kipor, it is also important we keep our brand fresh and innovative by  introducing new lines from time to time.


    So we are delighted to announce we are now stocking seven of Champion Power Equipment’s bestselling generator models.


    Champion is a market leader in generators for both recreational and professional use and with prices ranging from £334.99 to £2820.00 we are sure that there is something for everyone.


    One of the reasons for Champion’s popularity is their innovative approach to power solutions they apply to their engineering including Dual Fuel technology which provides the portable generators with remote starting functions.


    They also have a delay stop feature ensuring equipment stops running or powers down before a power surge can occur. On top of that, the products are also always being enhanced to keep up with customer needs.


    Check out Champion's state-of-the-art range HERE.


    For our full range of generators click HERE.

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