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600mm X 230mm 55LTR Gas It spare wheel shaped tank

  • Fully UK & EU approved, for use on road going vehicles and for self filling.

  • 80% shut off one way valve

  • Inbuilt liquid phase gas seperator

  • 44L LPG capacity 


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Gas IT

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Product Description


This 600mm X 230mm 55LTR GAS IT Spare Wheel Shaped ( TOROIDAL) VGAS IT Spare Wheel Shaped ( TOROIDAL) Vapour Tank is unique in that it has all the safety features built in to it via its 4 hole valve system and it has all the wellknown GAS IT safety features built in to it like the GAS IT Liquid Phase Separator, 80% shut off gas fill valve & Excess Flow Valve on the inlet and outlets, plus it comes with the super easy to mount options - like Factory Welded Feet and through tank fixture tubes.  


This tank must not be confused with the single hole, multivalve automotive tanks that are being sold as vapour tanks - This GAS IT tank is the only one to be designed, built and specified for vapour out use by the manufactures and has the inbuilt liquid phase gas seperator.


This Tank come fully valved, with the latest 2016, Black powder coated protective aluminium air box and even comes with the bolts & washers for the top mount fixing brackets.

It is a 55ltr water capacity ( 44ltr LPG ) which means they hold 20% less than their listed amount due to automatic 80% float driven shut off filling valve in the tank when filled by gas, meaning you will never over fill the tank even when only part of the gas has been used - They will always fill up to 80%

They are fully UK & EU approved, for use on road going vehicles and for self filling.

Please note the 230 diameter size is the size of the tank only and does not include the extra size of the valve box as seen in the picture. 

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